Score10 is a live improvisational performance presented by PICKETT IMPROV.

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Score10 is the latest performance in a series of informal feedback and pop up events. The work is generated as the dancers and musician explore shifts of energy to generate instant reactions and create relationships using movement and music.

From October PICKETT IMPROV is going back into the studio to research and develop the project in preparation for their pilot full-scale performance at The Old Market in Hove in January 2018.
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As part of this project, Hannah is leading and facilitating improvisation workshops to students to investigate performance techniques, examine compositional awareness, experiment with different improvisational scores and increase their confidence with improvisational performance and group interaction.

Next Workshop: Sunday 5th November 2-5pm at the Brighton Natural Health Centre

“Hannah’s workshops was fun, engaging and full of laughter”

Hannah offers improvisational dance workshops to universities, professional artists, youth dance groups, youth companies and gifted and talented groups.


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