September 3rd 2016 in Choreography


Over the next few months, I plan to enhance my professional development as an artist and choreographer by exploring with scores, ideas and experiment with the possibility of live contemporary art.  I plan to reflect, experiment and evolve my art and the way I create it. This will result in a group performance in Brighton in the New Year.


These are some of my ideas that I have been playing with and questions that I want to explore:

Environment. Body. Other.


Remember what you have done.

Be present.


– What is happening – Are you aware of the dance as a whole – Has there been any shifts – Does anything need to change – What is happening in the movement – Are you aware of how the dance is going – Will there be a change – What is the sound – Where is it going – What is happening –


Working in the studio- Clips from Score10’s 3rd rehearsal:








To watch an clip of my previous group facilitated improvisation please click here.

Article written by Hannah

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