February 2nd 2017 in Performance

Score10 January Performance

On Saturday 28th January, we performed the extended performance of Score10 to a packed audience at the Brighton Natural Health Centre.

Reflection of the evening:

I produced a platform showcasing my Score10 improvisational work and two performances from guest artists.

Iain Paxon – Inside the Wheel

The evening started with a performance from Iain Paxon using his bicycle to create live music. He used contact mics and a array of tools to wake up the music that lies dormant within his bicycle and invited the audience to listen to the up close world of the bike.

George Miles and Sarah Richter-Rose – We Did This

George and Sarah shared their new work which they have been working on for the last 6 months. Their work explored the collaboration between two artists that began as an exploration into personal approaches to devising new work. There fun performance resulted in themes of play, rivalry and alliance.

Hannah Pickett – Score10

Over the last 6 months, we have been working together to experiment with group improvised performance with live sound and movement. Recently, we have been playing with duration, performance presence and preparing to perform the extended version of the work to an invited audience. The work explores the shifts of energy and the instant reactions from all of the performers. They create relationships and support each other throughout the performance.

Thank you everyone who made this evening possible!

And a special Thank you to Eloise who is leaving the Score10 team to move to Italy. Good luck and hope to be improvising with you soon!

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Look at our reflection from the performance


Article written by Hannah

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