April 28th 2017 in Teaching

Music and Dance Workshop

On Sunday 23rd April, Iain Paxon and I delivered a music and dance improvisation workshop as part of Score10’s research.

“Lovely, welcoming atmosphere! A chance to experiment in a very open and accepting atmosphere.”

We delivered a range of scores and tasks to test and explore the relationship between sound and movement.  The ideas promoted listening, observing, following, leading, harmony and clash.

The workshop started with dancers and musicians warming up separately then coming together to explore how we can follow or copy movement and sound to generate ideas and build connections. Throughout the workshops musicians reflected that they wanted to move with the dancers and dancers reflected that it’s very easy to be influenced by the music and it automatically reflects in their movement choices.

“I really enjoyed the build up- layer by layer- and the permission to experiment within a flexible but structured score.”

One of the most effective scores was an exercise in observing the space. The task was different for musicians and dancers; Dancers had to think compositionally about the space while musicians reflected what they saw into sound. Both parties built a piece with the choices and rules that they were given.

The tasks and scores built towards a final group improvisation performance. Participants were given space to experiment with all the explorations and findings from the afternoon and we received very positive feedback. Ideas and findings from the workshop will be incorporated into my research and development.

“Hannah and Iain worked very positively together. Nice to be amongst such a good mix of dancers. Very much enjoyed the workshop and would like to do more.”

I would like to say Thank you to everyone who came on Sunday and we are looking forward to providing more Music and Dance Improvisation Workshops in the future.




Article written by Hannah

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